Not much quilting going on these past few days.  Instead, I’ve been sewing gifts for a couple of friends’ birthdays.


First up, a couple of quivers.  I made these from a pair of camouflage pants I found at the local Goodwill.  I squared the legs up and sewed a piece of poster board to the inside of them (thanks for the tip, Mom!).  Then I attached some D-rings for the straps, sewed up the sides and bottoms, made some straps and now they’re already to go about carrying some arrows.  *this quiver would definitely not work if using arrows that are sharp*



Next up, a purse.  It’s reversible!  No pattern and really not much idea of how to go about this when I started.  But, I bought enough fabric for two just as a safety.  Luckily, I got it right on the first try.  This was very quick to put together.  I was very surprised.  It pretty much consists of two pieces (the back panel and the top flap are one long piece) and I made two straps so a knot could be tied in it to adjust length.

I hope to get back to quilting soon.  I’ve got a couple of quilts planned and a stack of tops that need quilted.