Once again, long time no post.  But, this time, I have finished quilts to show off.

First up:  This zig zag quilt.  I started this a loooooong time ago.  Then, I quilted it a looong time ago.  Last week, I finally sewed the binding on.


Then, I quilted my 3-D Flying Geese quilt.  This one has languished in my closet for probably a year, at the least.  I mean, I really liked it and everything, but how do you quilt 3-D Flying Geese?  Luckily, my mom came to rescue with the completely logical suggestion of stitch in the ditch.  So, that’s what I did.


I wish I could remember where I found the tutorial on how to make these blocks.  They were super easy to put together and the end result is pretty cool, too. 

And the last finish…LogMansion.


This quilt was super fast and really fun and gratifying to put together.  I had to let it sit for a week-ish, though, because I was having a hard time deciding how to quilt it.  I went with the spiral.  My other idea was to quilt straight lines randomly throughout it, but I think I like the symmetry the spiral gives it.  And, I definitely love the neutral fabrics.

In other news – I have a design wall!


The blocks that are up there now, are just up there because I was very excited to finally have batting duck taped to the wall (thanks Mom!) that I couldn’t resist putting something pretty up there.  Those are Ohio Star blocks made out of leftovers from another project.  As well as a giant star block.  Not sure what to do with those.  There’s a lot of pink.  I’m thinking of doing some sort of improv/off center/wacky setting.  I just haven’t come up with it yet. 

The strips on the left are the beginnings of a bargello quilt that I promised Boyfriend two months ago.  That’s as far as I’ve gotten with it.  whoops…