I recently completed this quilt using the Miscellany collection by Julia Rothman.  It’s such a cool line, with awesome colors and such fun and funky prints.  I’m not quite sure it’s the most traditional quilt for a baby, but whatever.  I believe in fostering a love of modern fabrics in young humans.  I also believe that breaking out of traditional ideas is a good thing, so, without further ado….here it is:

I made up the pattern to get the most use of the fat quarter set I had and also to let the prints and the collection stand by themselves.  I wanted to feature the prints as much as possible.  If I ever work with these prints in the future, I believe I will consider the use of sashing to frame the individual prints a little more.  They way it is now, it feels like a run-on sentence.

I had yards and yards of this funky dot print in my stash, so I used that for the backing.

I must also review a product.  I used a fusible batting in this quilt.  The way that works is that you sandwich your quilt then iron the living daylights out of it.  It works like basting spray, with magic and stickiness and no pins!  However, the only downfall, is that it is pretty hard to iron the three quilt layers together without puckers and wrinkles and I found it difficult, even on this small quilt.  It also makes the quilt very, very stiff.  I haven’t washed this quilt yet, so even though the label says the fusable-ness will wash out, I haven’t tested that statement myself.

Since I am big on DIY, I’m still searching the interwebs for a way to make my own basting spray.  I have yet to find anything that I think will work.  If I ever do try it out, I’ll be sure to let the blog know.