…berry picking (and canning of those berries) is in full swing.  although, i’m wondering if the recent and much needed rain managed to knock all of the ripe ones down

…canned 14 quarts of peaches over the weekend

…weeding the garden…constantly

…swimming in the river and watching the boys add water park features.  yesterday, diving board.  next up, rope swing.  i’ve also heard talk of a slide


…giving up on a clean-ish house and deciding to embrace the indoor/outdoor living we are doing right now.  which includes sleeping outside then inside then back outside, cooking dinners outside and hopefully setting up some sort of makeshift canning kitchen on the back porch

…thinking i really need to set up a clothesline

…wishing i actually remembered to take pictures

…not much sewing at all.  although i did cry ‘uncle’ one unbelievably hot day in June and sew a quilt top together while sitting directly in front of the a/c.

…enjoying the easy, schedule free days of summer

…looking forward to starting to harvest food from the garden.  we’ve been getting peas, broccoli, squash and zucchini.  i’m ready for beans and tomatoes, though