Ahh, this was such a fun quilt to work on!  I’m tempted to make another and actually follow the pattern closer.  The pattern says to strip piece the feathers, but I bypassed that because I wanted to use these mottled solids that I’ve had laying around forever.  I suppose I could have still pieced the feathers, but I wanted the solid look.  If I make it again, I’ll definitely piece the feathers, just cause it’s cool.

It took me awhile to decide on how to quilt this.  I finally decided to hand quilt it with embroidery thread outlining each of the feathers.  I haven’t done much hand quilting and there is a photo proving that above.  I like hand quilting and I loved the mountain mist cotton batting that I used.  The quilt has such a great drape and feel to it.

Pattern by Anna Maria Horner