I thought it might be interesting to take a second and explain how I created this quilt top.  I’m sure there are easier/better/etc ways to do this out there, so feel free to give me a shout-out in the comments.  Anyway…this is how I worked it out.

This is a quilt for my boyfriend who is into techno/electronic music, so I definitely wanted to incorporate that.  He also wants to get into DJing, so I wanted that element as well.  So, I started with a rough drawing of how I wanted elements of this quilt to be placed.
Then, I gathered some ideas, photos, etc:
I found some images that I really liked and traced them onto overhead projector transparencies:
Then, I gathered a piece of wonder-under.

I taped the wonder under to the wall.
And was careful to draw on the correct side of the wonder-under. Ok, now this was the time to stop and think.  Remember to reverse the designs so the final fabric cut piece is facing the correct way.  In this case, I put the overhead transparency on the projector “backwards” from the original drawing.
Here is my DJ drawn onto the wonder under.  I traced the records onto another piece and cut them out separately so I didn’t have to worry about cutting around his hands.

I ended up dividing the quilt top into the top, middle and bottom thirds.  I appliqued the DJ and records onto the bottom third.

Then I used this awesome rainbow ombre fabric that I’ve had in the stash forever.

I used the ombre fabric for the “lights,” going with the effect from those two photos I had.

Using some maths, I cut the fabric at an angle, then pieced the center piece as well as the top piece, trying my best to keep the colors in line.

When each third was completed, I cut the headphone cords on the bias and appliqued those down.

And Ta-Da!  One Techno DJ quilt top.