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I grew Luffa Gourds in the garden this year.  I finally got around to picking them.  I was surprised with how many gourds I harvested.  They’re a tropical plant and they grew very, very slowly until late July when they really took off.  Now, I just need to figure out how to harvest the centers and what I need to do to prep them for use.



The purse making bug bit me hard last week.  This is what resulted:



The Two Zip Hipster from Dog Under My Desk.  Pattern found here.

I must say, it took me most of yesterday afternoon to make this.  However, this pattern included a lot of firsts for me.  First time making a purse from a pattern, first time lining a purse, first time with zippers and first time working with different types of interfacing.  The pattern itself is awesome, though.  Lots of great pictures and very thorough directions (zippers no longer terrify me).  I did follow her advice and use a non-directional print.  I have some funky novelty fabrics (Gnomes smoking pipes, anyone??) that I’ll try next time I make this.

The only downfall of this bag is that it’s a little bit on the small side for my habit of carrying around everything but the kitchen sink. But, I like the bag well enough that maybe it’s time for me to change my habits.  I know my shoulder would appreciate it.

Also, the pattern does not call for tying your strap into an obnoxious knot, which is hard to see in the top photo.  I didn’t have the strap hardware, and I couldn’t find it locally, and I was too impatient to wait for it, so I made do with some D-rings and a knot.  I would suggest ordering the hardware needed for the pattern and I’ll do that next time.

I’m still suffering from the purse making bug.  I’m still on the hunt for fun and funky purse patterns, so if you know of any, please let me know!


Recently, I made some curtains for my new place. I totally cheated and didn’t truly applique the shapes. I got some fabric glue and went that route. It made the whole thing go much quicker and I don’t figure I’ll be washing the curtains all that much and it should hold up just fine.








Not much quilting going on these past few days.  Instead, I’ve been sewing gifts for a couple of friends’ birthdays.


First up, a couple of quivers.  I made these from a pair of camouflage pants I found at the local Goodwill.  I squared the legs up and sewed a piece of poster board to the inside of them (thanks for the tip, Mom!).  Then I attached some D-rings for the straps, sewed up the sides and bottoms, made some straps and now they’re already to go about carrying some arrows.  *this quiver would definitely not work if using arrows that are sharp*



Next up, a purse.  It’s reversible!  No pattern and really not much idea of how to go about this when I started.  But, I bought enough fabric for two just as a safety.  Luckily, I got it right on the first try.  This was very quick to put together.  I was very surprised.  It pretty much consists of two pieces (the back panel and the top flap are one long piece) and I made two straps so a knot could be tied in it to adjust length.

I hope to get back to quilting soon.  I’ve got a couple of quilts planned and a stack of tops that need quilted.


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