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I’m a morning person.  Nothing is better than waking up early, drinking coffee and sneaking in a little knitting while the house is quiet.



Yeah!  Finished my pair of toe up socks today!

Things the above picture taught me:
-it is extremely difficult to photograph your own feet
-no matter what you do, the dog has to be involved
-the dog will give you a look that clearly means he thinks you are an idiot for trying to photograph your own feet

Also, I do not normally wear my pants rolled up like that.  Although, I may start just so I can show off my socks.


I recently purchased a knitting project bag from here.  I bought their sock bag (like one of these).  I must say, it was worth the money, although I think I will try to make my own if I feel the need for another (since I’m all crafty like that…although that does require me to actually put down my knitting and sew something…).  However, I’m really enjoying having this bag.  I went through about a gazillion ziploc bags with my first couple pairs of socks because I kept shoving them down into my bag and the needles would poke holes through the plastic.   I like these project bags – they’re the perfect size for a ball or two of yarn, a finished sock and a sock in progress.  And they even have an inside pocket, where I store a tapestry needle in my valiant attempt to not loose it.


My toe up socks are going well!  A few more inches of K2 P2 ribbing and I’ll be wearing these!


Found this locally today!  I know the picture doesn’t do it justice, but this is some beautiful yarn.  From Pagewood Farms.  Very cool!

Alrighty, I just finished a sock using these 3 videos.  And, I must say, the toe fits perfectly, the heel is nice and smooth and the cuff is super nice and stretchy.  So, I’m putting all of these videos here for my ease of reference.  (I know I posted two of them before…but seriously, the awesomeness bears repeating.)  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them, too 🙂

Toe – cast on:


Super stretchy cast off:

In fits and starts is defining my creativity these days.  After a rough summer, a topsy-turvy fall, and with winter looming on the horizon, I just can’t seem to get my head in the {quilting} game.   Sure, I’ve worked on stuff, but it was in a half-assed fashion with my brain saying “Don’t fall behind on your own self-imposed deadlines.”

This is where I stand with quilting – multiple projects in the works, no gumption to work on them.  Self imposed deadlines and demands making my quilting time slant towards work instead of fun/relaxing/stress relief.

So, what is the logical next step?

Knitting socks, I guess.  Well, that’s what I’ve been doing with my {rare} spare moments of time.  I’ve finished two pair.  Started a third pair.  Turned a heel today and am looking forward to the seemingly endless rounds of knitting as I move up the leg.

Létt-Lopi Vest by Védís Jónsdóttir, as knit by Sheepurls

*photo links to pinterest*

I really want to try out some color-work knitting.  Maybe not on a sweater…but possibly some mittens.  I think mittens might be a little more manageable for a first try at this.  That way, when I mess up, I’ve not lost a bazillion hours of my life or if I decide to scrap the entire project, I’ve not wasted as much yarn.  Hmm…I’m off to find some kind of pattern or direction or tutorial or something.  Anyone have any  recommendations?

I found this video  & use it for casting on and toe increases.  I think its nice, simple and easy to remember.

Then, I found this video of Cat Bordhis Sweet Tomato Heel.  Awesomeness!


The sock & I spent a fair bit of time together this weekend.  I’ve turned the heel and am getting ready to start the leg.

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